Early (abbreviated) Notes from Practice, 8/26

Practice started early and that condensed the viewing session for media. Instead of 20 minutes, it was only five minutes. The only portion seen was individual drills. The Hogs skipped the Fast Ball Start that has been the staple of August camp.

Basically, about 20 minutes of practice was shaved off Thursday’s workout and the plan was to get into Rice preparations after the media left.

I did watch the tight ends briefly during that limited viewing, enough to see that all were accounted for, including Blake Kern in a green “no contact” jersey. He’s moving around full speed and will do most of the work scheduled Thursday.

It’s clear that Landon Rogers has embraced tight end. He was popping the dummies during the blocking fundamental drills that I watched.

Defensive lineman Tre Williams and wide receiver De’Vion Warren, who had been in green jerseys, are now back in normal “full go” jerseys and both moving well. Warren had a hamstring injury that kept him out of Saturday’s scrimmage.

The one notable absence was wide receiver Treylon Burks. He did not practice, but I’m told he will be working with his teammates in the next several days and is expected to play against Rice.

Here is the list of players practicing, but in green jerseys:

Ty Clary, Blake Kern, Jalen Catalon, Dalton Wagner, Trelon Smith, Zach Zimos, Myles Slusher, A. J. Green and Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan.

None of those players would miss a game if there was one this week.

One thing I did watch with interest as I was leaving was some of the work with the offensive line. I was struck with how much trimmer Jalen St. John looks from what I recalled from last spring. Not only did he look slimmer, but quicker. I believe he may be the player who turns into something out of the class from last year. Marcus Henderson was the one who jumped off the page early last year. But now I think St. John may sparkle before any of them. I’m told St. John has impressed with real character and heart this August.

Of course, St. John is toiling behind the best player in the O-line, left tackle Myron Cunningham. But the way St. John has played clearly has influenced how new players are being stockpiled in other places besides left tackle. St. John might be the man there next year.


Wow, that news on St. John is great to hear Clay!

Pittman’s video from after practice.

Here is more from Clay following practice.

I hope you’re right Clay about Burks. Sam first said he thought he might be ready for rice but then he said you never want to be without Burks for a game but when you got nicks and dings it might be better in the long run for him to miss a game . Makes me think he might be kind of iffy. I sure hope we have him out there because we don’t have anybody else that’s done anything in that receiver group other than Warren.

I think what Sam was trying to say is that Burks being out now lets the other WRs get extra work, which might come in handy if he has to miss a game during the season.

That may be what he was saying,I hope he can Play but if not the others have gotten plenty of work so they should be familar with the offense.

ineresting. I’ve always assumed that Henderson was the star of that OL class, but JSJ is coming on. I really expected Henderson to be pushing for starting time this year. hard to believe he can’t get over 280, when he played over 300 in high school. oh well, he has a couple years to become a stud for us, and with his athleticism, he really should start somewhere for at least a year before he graduates.


Maybe Burks can play a somewhat limited role instead of taking on a full load. If we build a lead then back off even more and give the others more game time. Just do not raise the risk level if absolutely not needed. I would not even start him but keep Rice guessing.

That might be an option. I’m sure he will keep Rice guessing.

Yeah I totally agree about Henderson, he’s been the one that has confused me the most with his weight. He has the ability but in this league if you’re not over 300 lb it’s going to be tough to move SEC DL unless you’re just incredibly strong.

Just having Burks on the field will draw Rice’s attention. Decoy play might be a good option. If the defense gets careless and thinks he isn’t really an option, then he might pop a big one. Regardless, we have a good group of receivers.

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