Earl Boykins

I just noticed the story that Earl Boykins was added to the staff. What an amazing hire. Earl has been in Denver since he played here around 2004. I’ve beet him a couple of times at events and he is an amazing person with such an energetic personality. He comes on the local sports station once a week and is crazy entertaining with stories and honest opinions. He could be a much bigger hire than some are expecting.

Can anyone tell me what his job responsibilities will be?

Here’s what I was just told: Generally that position is the liaison with academics and all off-court endeavors such as community service projects.

He’ll serve as a mentor for players, too, which is similar to what Turner Gill does within the football program.

Is that not what Scotty Thurman did when he first joined Mike’s staff?

I believe that’s right. And Jeff Daniels held the Director of Student-Athlete Development title the last three seasons.

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