Earl Boykins hired as assistant at UTEP

Boykins served as Arkansas’ director of student-athlete development for 2 seasons:

Good for Earl! Always enjoyed watching Boykins play. A nice promotion from DOPD to a bench assistant coach role which is probably what he was seeking I assume.

Glad he was here. He was fearless as an NBA player, he made incredible look natural. Good luck, Coach Earl Boykins.

In his job at Arkansas, was he allowed to assist with the team, as in tips and technique?

I’m not certain about on-the-floor stuff, but he routinely provided input in staff meetings. Shortly after he was hired in 2019, Eric Musselman said Boykins saw things through a different lens than all of the assistant coaches, which he appreciated. He was pro-player and “always looking at the bright side or a positive on each player.”

Kind of unfortunate. I was looking forward to Chris Lykes working with Boykins.

Me too. More importantly though, Lykes was also looking forward to working with Earl.

I’m happy though for Earl as he moves up in the coaching arena. Down the line a few years, I’m sure Muss will be looking for new floor assistants. I’ll bet Earl is on his list to interview.

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