Did any else hear what they said on Gameday. That Arkansas was loading up the Brinks money truck to present to Malazan after the game.

That’s what they said.

Even if Malazan turns it down and stays at Auburn, Hopefully these so called t v experts will stop talking about poor little Arkansas all the time.

Don’t think Arkansas will get in a bidding war with Aubie, if Malzahn wants to come he will be paid well, if he’s all about the money he will stay with Aubie, but lose today and they may not care if he does leave.

So, do they have better sources than we do here?

We got more money.

The AUB board said last night he signed the extension, but they had fans on there saying he isn’t worth what the “offer” is supposed to be (7.5-8.5 million a year, and have a say in AD). Several said they hoped he wouldn’t sign and we’d end up with his mediocre a$$. Their words. Seems he is just as divisive there as here.

There will be drama at some point no matter who is hired. Maybe not at first but eventually. Might as well put ourselves in a position to be winners in spite of the drama.

Dennis Dodd of CBS thinks there is a good chance Gus may come to Arkansas. I guess it may depend upon who wins the SEC championship today. Some people say he is coming regardless…I just don’t believe that, do you all?

No, but there are a lot of people saying it.

Boy, if he did leave after winning that game…it would be the ultimate middle finger salute to Auburn. That would renew the rivalry.

Ultimate question: What does Mrs. Malzahn want to do?

Well, their Christmas tree is still in their house


AS I have said am I perfect? Nope

If we were all perfect nobody would be here.

I’ve been bombed a lot over what I have said. We’ll see…

She wants to start her own checking account soon I bet.

Dilly Dilly