E’Marion Harris…. DD/RD?

DD, great article on young Mr. Harris.

Does he have they skills and talent (he has the size) to come in as a freshman and play significant minutes?

to my untrained eye, he looks like the best OL prospect since Shawn Andrews to hit our campus. I’m not remotely saying he is that good, since it’s just so very unlikely to see that type talent, but E’Marion is an absolute stud.

can he learn the offense? can he pass block LSU DL in his first season? I won’t be shocked if he’s in strong consideration for OG this fall.

Of course, I’d really like TyKiest and St Jean to be our huge guards this fall, and let Harris learn, grow, etc.

fun problem to have, with CSP as our head coach!


Don’t know if he’s ready to play tackle on the SEC level but I could see him playing guard and being a road grader.

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I think you would want somebody who has played left tackle or right tackle in the SEC - or another major conference - to be at those spots next season.

I agree with Richard that he might get time at one of the guard spots.


Yes I don’t really think he has the feet to play tackle unless he loses about 40 lb… just lean forward stay low and dry those feet big fella

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