E-mail address for people upset with UAF

You can e-mail Jason Yates at jyates@arkansasonline.com.

FWIW, Jason had nothing to do with the policy.

Can I ask a silly question? Why e-mail him if he had nothing to do with it?

Because he can forward it.

Well, I sent an email. Doubt it will matter, but I sent it. I’ve been tempted to drop my subscription for some time. (Monthly rates just went up by about 30%) Might be time to finally do it. I can still read sports by my subscription to this site. I can get state & local news from the TV websites.

They really pissed me off with the email that I recently received. They are doing a promotion for people who do not have an ADG subscription. I currently pay $14.75 for just less than a month and there is no discount for paying for an entire year. The email offered something like $9 ++ per month and just over $9 per month if I pay for an entire year. But I’m not eligible because I take the stupid paper.

Thank you.

That’s the kind of crap that pisses me off, too. Cancel the subscription & then re-subscribe at the lower rate–or you can probably do without it altogether. About the only reason to read it now if for the obituaries.

I don’t subscribe to the paper but they are trying to get me to. Check this out. The paper delivery guy walks the paper up and puts it at my door as they have been leaving it now for a week or two. Yet, my neighbor has subscribed as long as I’ve been in the house (3 years) and they still toss his in the driveway. How about TAKE CARE OF YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS!

My delivery person gets it on my porch when the weather is nice. But let it rain (or worse) and the darn thing is out in the yard. If there were any other paper to be had, I would cancel the demozette.

Phone number that I got from Clay today!
(501) 378 - 3400.
I’m really lucky I’m paid up on this board through December but I’m going to find another place to go for my Razorback sporting news! I cancelled the crummy paper years ago.
The editor may be trying to get a new job! I heard earlier today the Kentucky wildcats made the front page of the paper! What a poor excuse of a paper that should support the state! Maybe Grease Ball “Cal” will give him a job when this one ends.
Well I have found another person by title only that I’ve never met that I can’t stand.

No Kentucky Wildcats on the front page of today’s sports section.

Forget it, he’s rolling.

Actually, the early edition that goes to outlying towns (Stuttgart) did have a large picture of Kentuckian Malik Monk on the front page of the sports page. I think this was Sunday morning after the Hogs beat Auburn. The game story made it but not the pictures and other articles on the game, that I was able to read in the online version.