Dylan Rathcke ready to visit Arkansas

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I hope the kid turns out to be great, but watching the film it just does not look like the caliber lineman we need. He plays at a top program, but the strength is greatly lacking. His weight room numbers look fine but, the on the field pure strength is not there. Looks like a developmental player, may be able to play a few years down the road. The coaches know best, but from an outside perspective it looks like a reach.

I must be looking at different video - that being said and I may be wrong but I don’t believe Coach Morris is looking for the road-graders that Bret B. so desperately wanted. The new breed of spread offense lineman has to be a lot quicker than in days past. If you start at OT for U High you are pretty darn good.

Compare his film and Beaux Limmer. Obviously different competition but, Limmer has the athleticism and is a powerful dude.

Dylan and his family arrived today. I looked on Maxpreps and it shows them playing tonight. They played last nightand it was their first ever Thursday night game.

They meet with the coaches at 2pm. He’s in awe of the natural beauty of NWA.

when you check out some of his recruiting site info, it says we have 20 Ot’s or maybe OL on campus and have signed 2… where are these 20 and is there some on campus talent that we are not remembering? Obviously there are no super talents left that are recruitable at this time of the season, this kid is a great screener which may fit our O quite well. The DE from Jonesboro is a gap jumper which works great in high school but does not translate to SEC. How much time we have to use on an OL scholarship is key to this kid, don’t see any help winning next year but maybe 2020 and certainly 2021.

Dylan has received his offer. He’s working on a date for an official visit.

Remember your comments about Jashaud Stewart.

Future Razorback? Yes I think so.

He and his parents really liked it. No doubt. I would say their chances are pretty good.

I’m guessing the other questions are not valid.

I count 15 scholarship OL including Hays, Merrick, Malone, Froholdt, Gibson, Wallace so that means nine coming back along with three commitments.

no clue about Jashaud Stewart comments other than saying he is great in high school using skills that will not work in SEC. I stand by that.

I am just asking why the 247 folks list numbers already on campus and number signed to show what a recruit is looking at for a decision. Just found that a little confounding. Those stated numbers are not scholarships obviously, the being recruited and committed number should be valid. I assume there are a lot of preferred walkon types in that 20 number.

What skills does Stewart not have?