DWRRS flyover video

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Those pictures just remind me how much I wish they could put a facade on the west side that matches the rest of the stadium

It looks incomplete

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Based on the trees, the grass, lack of cars on campus and completed track center, I’d guess that was shot last summer.

That is something I have thought about. But from close range on sidewalk, I’m not sure it changes much. From above - but who sees that? - it sure is noticeable.

I love it, thanks for another great link.

Amazing music.

Not sure who or where that music came from but if you like tht style you should really check out a band called; Khruangbin

They are a trio out of Houston and they are amazing. I have seen them live three times and the grooves they produce are epic. They just released an album with Leon Bridges as well.

As long as Barnhill has been in its current configuration, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it from quite that view.

There’s just not much room to do anything with the west facade, unfortunately. I’ve thought that since about, oh, 2001.

I was being sarcastic. The main thing the video was well done.

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