DWRRS Field all painted for Saturday's game

The old gal has all of her war paint on now . . .

I’ve never loved the font they are using in the end zones (or any of Jeff Long’s style changes), but the field looks great.

So glad we’re rid of the blackish green fake stuff. Looking like the Natural State again.

How often do they have to refresh the paint since it’s real grass and will grow out?

Love the new look and love grass fields.

They have to repaint it for every game.

Looking forward to seeing real grass tomorrow! I hope the players like it too.

The field looks good. I always like grass better than artificial turf unless they can’t keep the grass up properly. I don’t think that’s much of a problem any more. The field isn’t used so often that the grass can heal & be maintained. I assume it will stay green through the last game.

The field looks freaking awesome…just awesome. What a huge difference and I bet it will look incredible on TV as well.