DWRRS Club Areas TV Question

I bought East Outdoor Club seats this year for the first time which gives me access to the indoor club areas.

I arrived at 11:45 AM planning on some Wrights BBQ, drinking a couple of beers, and watching a little college football.

I succeeded from a BBQ and beer standpoint, but was disappointed that all of the TVs were showing what I’d describe as Razorback related infomercials and later footage of the players warming up.

For those that sit in club seats, is this the norm? While I expect some people enjoy watching warmups, I have to think I’m not the only guy that enjoys watching other college football action from around the country. Heck, the U of A has installed a big screen at their outdoor Hog Town area so they know fans like keeping up with the action from around the country.

I let my season tickets go 3 seasons ago, but when I sat up there, there were usually several TV’s with other games on. At least they were on other games before our game started. It was common for people to gather around & watch other games.

When I had SOC tickets there would be a TV or two with other games on, but you had to find them, or someone to change the channel/setup. There use to be a big screen with some couches over by where they had the dessert bar, we’d watch the games over there. They may have cleaned all that out when they refurbished in 2018, 2017 was my last year up that way. It’s the same in the NEZ, we just find an employee and have them switch to a game, if isn’t on one.

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During my days in the east indoor club, You could go to the south end and go up 1 flight of stairs and there was a fantastic little desert bar there that had some very great carrot cake. Anyway more to the point jus to the left of that area in a corner of that lounge was an area with a large TV and several couches… it always had a current game on and you could change the channel to what ever you wished as the rather large TV has buttons and you didn’t need a remote.

In my days a group of us would show up early… lay waste to the desert bar and watch a few hours of games in the AC on those couches.

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Your day sounds great to me- fellow Steelers fan!

Evidently that has changed. I went looking for other games on some of the indoor tvs but did not find any.

Even back then most of the TVs had crap advertising or just garbage stuff on them until the game. But we searched around and found that one was connected to real broadcasting, not just piped in stuff. Being students, there were very few nooks and crannies we didn’t explore and we found everything we needed at least as in TV viewing options.

Response from U of A Athletic Department after I reached out to them.

“ I agree, that it’s always good to be able to have the choice during the pre-game to either see highlight footage of the Razorbacks or footage of other big games going on across the country at that time. I’ve communicated with our Premium Services team and they said that historically, we’ve always provided that mix in all of our premium spaces…and if for whatever reason that wasn’t the case this past weekend – they’ll make sure that it is back to normal moving ahead.

I’ll ask you to make sure to find a seat in the club during the pre-game to catch other games…and if they’re not playing, please feel free to request an attendant to ensure there are options on for you. Certainly, we’re not going to show 100% other games exclusively, as there is plenty of Razorback content that we want to have playing as well…but there should certainly be the opportunity that you have requested, too!

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