DWI arrest

Deon Stewart with DWI…

Thanks Swine for this critically urgent personal announcement.

A young college man drinking. Oh my goodness. Throw him off the team and give him 20 years minimum. On the serious side, I know a DWI is serious and should be dealt with seriously. But no one was hurt. Lest not go off the deep end with the responses please.

I don’t think you can suspend a guy who has no eligibility left.

He should get a 6th year because of his injury.

Of coarse the NCAA is involved so who knows.

Guy just brought some info to the board.

It’s news, just as mine was 7 years ago.

Good, kind kid who made a mistake.

Hopefully he will learn the lesson at 22 that I learned at 49.


I was 29 when I got mine. I didn’t get suspended but my drivers license did for 6 months.

There were times in my youth when I could have been arrested for DWB. My drunken angel was obviously watching over me.

I look back on the mistakes I made in my youth and SMH.

Thank you Lord for protecting me from hurting anyone during those times.

Live and learn…