Will we hear anything post games from DVH? Thanks

The newspaper had a freelancer at the game, so we’ll have something from him, but it may not be available until tomorrow morning. Typically the UA has a quote from him in the press release, but did not for this doubleheader.

As soon as I see something, I’ll get it on here.

From someone who was there, Van Horn got after the team pretty good following the game.

Thanks for the info Matt!

Coach needs to put his foot up the seniors rear ends! He also needs to look in the mirror. He made some decisions with the pitching this weekend that are weird.

DVH coaches much on instinct. His instinct is right much more than it’s wrong. This weekend was a time when some moves backfired or didn’t turn out well. Baseball is a game of second-guessing. It’s easy to say he should have done this or shouldn’t have done that. He knows it as much as anybody and kicks himself when it doesn’t work out. But in the long run, it’s up to the players he’s put confidence in to get the job done, and they didn’t get it done this weekend.

I’m not sure that’s the issue. I don’t think there’s any doubt in their mind they need to get it going. If it’s effort or work ethic that’s one thing. But you can actually perform worse by pressing in baseball. You often swing at bad pitches, don’t take walks, expand the zone, miss good pitches to hri, etc.

Baseball is cyclical. One month you’re a world beater and the next month you can’t buy a hit.

The thing they need to do is take good at bats and results usually follow. Right now Koch and Biggers and even Kjerstad aren’t taking good at bats. That’s a lot of fire power to be slumping at the same time.

The guys that are hitting–Shaddy, Martin, Fletcher, Cole, are taking what the pitchers are giving them and staying through the middle of the field. The only one trying to pull everything is Martin and he continue to stay hit thanks to a high hard contact rate and an ability to leg our some infield hits.

The need to split with a really good TTech team and then drill a reeling, bad Bama team. Do that and they’ll be in very solid shape heading into a showdown at LSU.

Pitching changes is almost a matter of feel, anyway. There’s not a baseball coach or manager anywhere who always makes the right call on when to replace a pitcher. And, of course, we only know what happens with the decision he made. We never get to know what would’ve happened had he made a different decision. Regardless, when the team loses we always know he made a bad decision—he should’ve removed the pitcher before he started giving up hits; or he shouldn’t have removed the pitcher because his replacement didn’t do the job.

We know things didn’t work this weekend so the decisions were bad.