DVH vs Corbin

It seems someone told me a year or two ago that DVH is friendly with most of the other coaches in the SEC, but Corbin is not one of them. Is this true and does anyone have the background story why these two top coaches dont like each other? Is it just two biggest bullies in the conference competing for superiority?

I believe they have a good professional relationship. I think the thread you are referring to was about which SEC coaches were friends with Van Horn. He was obviously close with Childress. I think he and O’Sullivan speak fairly often.

Van Horn was asked about Corbin this week and said this:

“I think our relationship is good. I mean, we know how hard it is. We talk about it at the convention and off to the side when we have a conversation. We talk about the league and things that have gone on, or we’ll have a conversation or two when we have our coaches meeting in September, which hasn’t been in person the last couple of years but it is again this year. We came in at the same time. The talent level… I think there’s a lot of respect between the two programs, the coaches and the coaching staffs. They work hard. We work hard. We’re both hard to beat. Our teams show up pretty much every game. There’s a high expectation in both programs, and you can see it by the way the players play and act.”

And Corbin offered this about Van Horn during a radio interview yesterday:

"I’ll tell you Dave Van Horn is just such a good coach. He’s great.”

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They are not close friends. Not sure Corbin is close to anyone. They are not enemies, that’s clear, too.

Yeah I could tell the body language when Dave was asked to speak about him it was just let me just say the right thing type of deal and I’m pretty sure Corbin was doing the same thing.

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