DVH talking today

some good info in there…

Dave is one of the most honest and solid interviews of any coach I’ve ever been around. If he doesn’t like or understand the question, he says that. I remember a reporter (a smart alek who didn’t last long) suggesting that the Arkansas pitchers “were pitching backwards to hitters.” The thought on that is that they were throwing fast balls in curve ball counts and curves in fast ball counts. Dave said, “Give me the examples.” He couldn’t. Dave just smiled and said next question. Later he told me that absolutely what the guy thought was happening was not happening. He said, “We have done that, but we sure didn’t in this game.” The reporter had no clue.

The game of baseball is complex. There are things happening that sometimes we don’t get. It’s adjustment on top of adjustment. It’s a wonderful game. And, Dave is a wonderful coach. I think most get how good he is around the Arkansas fan base right now.

Today at Swatter’s Club – with sleet falling – it was a packed house. Huge crowd. They have a nice sized room at the Hilton Garden Inn and they may have put a few more tables in that room, but not many. I’d guess the crowd at 350. That is a big lunch crowd on a crappy day in February.

I have always enjoyed his interviews… he tells you like it is and that I respect…

DVH is a straight shooter! We are blessed to have him!

I’ve told many people that 30 minutes with Dave is like 90 minutes with other coaches. He doesn’t use coach speak, he answers your question and typically will offer up something that you hadn’t planned to ask. It makes the spring refreshing after a fall full of football coach speak.

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