DVH said Miss st will be Full capacity

I live in Ms and the Governor reduced restrictions about a month ago so not surprised but they have not been full capacity yet I don’t think. I think they been waiting on us to come to do it, they still remember that absolute beat down we gave them 2 yrs ago when they were #2 in the nation and I think we outscored them like 29-10 in those 3 games ,will be a huge test for our newcomers,they will have about 12K I imagine,we played in front of that many in Texas but half of were rooting for us, will be our toughest road test of the year looking forward to seeing how we handle it.Go Hogs WPS!

We had Steve Robertson on our podcast today. He covers Mississippi State. He said he thinks attendance will be capped in the 7,000 to 9,000 range.

Oh OK DVH thought they were going to Be Full

I expect 8,000 qualifies as full. They can probably pack a lot more in, but I doubt that happens. We’re full at about 8,000, but we can pack more in and, of course, have.

Announcer called this out at the end of the broadcast. They announced 6k ish and he just said that’s a flat out lie.
I get it, I’d love to put 12k at Baum but we tend to follow the rules / guidelines and other programs within the SEC don’t

Baum-Walker is continuing to add available tickets. I just wonder what they are going to do for regionals, etc. should the Hogs make it that far. I want my regular seat back.

In Arkansas and Mississippi (and several other states), the universities can now have full capacity if they want. Mississippi eliminated all covid-19-related directives earlier this month, and the only covid-19 directive still in place in Arkansas is the mask mandate.

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