DVH question

Watching The Fl coach talking to Smith after that 2nd out strike out, does DVH say anything to our players after at bats?

Seems like I’ve seen him do it.

I know this much after talking to players and parents. DVH is not a touchy feely guy.

Sometimes he’ll say something, but most times he doesn’t. He said it depends upon the player and if talking to that individual will push the right button or not.

I can see DVH very well from my seat at Baum. Every player walks right by him when they enter the dugout. Very seldom, does he say anything to him.

I’ve seen him stare at the guy walking back and he has a real stern look on his face. Then most of the time the player keeps his head down, doesn’t make eye contact, and gets the hell out of his sight :smile:.

I remember a game when Eibner got picked off 2B. DVH was coaching 3B then. Brett walked by him and never looked up. A few innings later, it happened again. That time Brett headed into the dugout via the entrance closest to the bullpen rather than the one close to the plate.

All the time. Heck, occasionally he lifts them mid at bat and gives them an earful.

“All the time?” Notorious Pig, why would you come on here and say something that is so misleading?

This is an example of DVH doing what’s best for a team and how the players react to him. Against TT Bonfield was pinch hit for after a failed bunt attempt. The next game he comes with an RBI hit! The players respect their coach and they know he is doing what’s best for the team.
We are lucky to have him as our coach.

Dave typically does not say anything to the batters when they come off the field. If the player has done something in multiple at-bats - say, swing at a fastball at the shoulders - then he will typically turn around and say something to them as they are putting their batting gear on the shelf. And on very rare occasions, Dave will pull a batter aside before he goes to the plate, like he did with Jax Biggers in the regional or super regional.

What you see more often is that players will confer with one another about what a pitcher is doing.