DVH post game interview


That was a fabulous interview. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so open, honest, and unguarded.

He’s pretty good at coach speak, so it was a little different to hear him talk about past teams in retrospect. Some teams had good pitching, but no hitting. Other teams were vice versa. Talked about having to play Scroggins at 3rd. Against LSU. Outfielder playing first because of no choice. Luke’s ups and downs.

You know there are things going on behind the scenes that aren’t discussed out loud. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they were trying to figure out 1st base earlier this year. Or discussing how to keep from ruining Campbell’s confidence. Or why we weren’t able to get a needed hit with the bases loaded.

It also goes to show how hard it is to put all the pieces together. Who leaves for the draft and who stays. Who gets better and who regresses. Hopefully, everything is coming together (come on Dominic!).

Now we get to Beat Texas.

Dave is great to interview because he tells you the truth. I’ve always found him to be unguarded in my talks with him. It’s refreshing to interview a coach like that. Baseball coaches are a lot more open than football or basketball.

What a great interview…man that was something.

Kingston had some good things to say.


Yep…I like Kingston. Kind of a no non-sense straight shooter who cares about his players. Good coach.