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Go to the electronic strike zone. I think the home plate umpire is calling games that are above his expertise! He belongs in high school. Tygart made pitches the umpire gave up on!


Bubba is commenting on the ump’s calls after reviewing TrackMan data. So I figure he’s going to tell you when the ump misses the call. That’s better than our eyeballs.

I’m ready to start using that technology. Maybe, we could start focusing on the games and athletes more than the darn umpires and refs.

As it is, lots of media people (not most, but a lot) will spill their guts about a questionable call but will pee in their pants before they even hint at questioning a coaching decision.

It’s up to you to stop worrying about it. You are letting media affect you and it’s never going to be what you want effecting them. Lol

Most of the armchair coaches questioning coaching decisions would have to change their Depends after each and every decision. Or before them.

You are absolutely correct.

As long as the ump is consistent, I don’t have much beef with the calls. Doesn’t need to be too tight with college pitchers, but mostly I just don’t want inconsistency. And, yeah, I thought OM had some legit gripes about some calls, too.

I admit it’s hard for me to tell if a close call is a ball or a strike. The camera angle isn’t straight behind the pitcher so it’s often hard to tell if the ball is off the plate or just on the edge. Also hard to tell on a sinking ball whether it was low before it gets to the mitt.

I do know one thing. If the call goes against the Hogs, I tend to think it’s worse than if it goes in our favor.


Great post. In other words, you are TRYING to be objective.

People forget, the umpire and the catcher have FAR better view than anyone in the stadium OR ON TV on balls and strikes.

My guess is, our catcher (Turner) didn’t agree with some of the calls and he relayed (by signal) to DVH and that is why DVH was so irritated. The ump probably did miss some calls. I DON’t KNOW.

My point, and I’m going to shut up (I realize I’m becoming obnoxious) why we dwell on officiating game after game in all sports?

Our athletic program is having unprecedented success, yet so many seem to think all the officials are against us.

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Yeah KP was basically telling you what he was seeing on track man too the last two games. There was a couple of times when he said that was a strike or that was a little out but when Tom Hart mention track man and could he say anything about a certain pitch he said… Can’t go there LOL but I figured when they said he had trackman available that when he said it was a strike or vice versa he was looking at that.

I caught that too. KP was just covering his bases. :joy:

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