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I really enjoy hearing him. that was about as close to him calling the balls and strikes calls today BS as I remember. I didn’t see the game, but it must have been something for him to say that. Such things as we only got 1 out of several 50 - 50 balls, or the 9th inning walks were just from the pitcher getting squeezed. Never said a word about the ump.

Sometimes, I think all the talk about incorrect calls on balls and strikes gets into the heads of our players. Bear in mind, I’m as big a DVH fan as there is.

Bubba Carpenter never shuts up about it.

From where I sit, I can’t tell whether the calls are right or not. However, I talked to friends who watched on TV and they were not overly critical.

I’m fairly certain umpires aren’t coming into Baum in front of 10,000 rabid Hog fans (with TV cameras ) purposely missing calls. If they are missing calls, we probably benefit more than we are damaged.

Btw, the 2nd base ump missed a couple obvious calls in Saturday’s game. However, the calls were reviewed and reversed. Nobody hurt.

The key is 50-50. When you don’t get 10 or 12 in a row, I’d bitch, too.


10 or 12 in a row? Please.

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I was messing with you. Too easy.

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I rewind and pause when the catcher catches the ball to see where it is on the plate and he missed quite a few(them included).I don’t remember them missing as many as this yr. There were several on Tygart that were 50/50 but we got about 25/75…Dave said it best,you just have to push on and handle it but it’s very frustrating.Tygart doesn’t seem to give a crap one way or the other,knows he can get them out with his stuff…he is amazing to me!

The key for officiating is to be consistent. As along as the coaches and players KNOW what “today’s” strike zone is going to be, they can adjust. The problem is when the officiating is NOT consistent. Now, if the official was consistently not calling the corners, then that is on the coaching in failing to adjust. If the official was inconsistent between players, teams or innings, that is on the official.
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The home plate ump made some horrible calls. He called a third strike on an Ole Miss batter and the ball was low and inside. Not even close to being a strike.

Tygart had some that should’ve been called strikes that were called ball.

The guy behind the plate was really bad. Very inconsistent.


I think we can all agree it was a tight strike zone this weekend, probably the tightest we’ve seen this year.

When Brady Tygart and Evan Taylor combine to walk 10 in six innings, that’s a sign that something is abnormal. They don’t walk very many — a combined 11 in 44 innings prior to the weekend.

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Was it tight for the other team?

When do you think they will implement the trackman technology to check the umps? And will it really change things by reviewing them after the fact?

I think so.

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The TrackMan data is already being analyzed from 12 ballparks. I don’t know whether umpires are able to see that information on a week-by-week basis. I suspect they will be taught from it during the offseason.

sure it was but if I were a casual fan just watching the game with no rooting interest i would have noticed all the 50/50 pitches for the white team and them not getting many…#realtalk

Seems to me that they could use the data and see which of the (I don’t know, 50 or so umps) call balls and strikes better than the others and use those that do as home plate umps. Could it be just umps being human beings, with some with a better eye for where the ball is than others? So, let’s grade them and then actually do something tangible about it.

Bubba and Phil have a Trackman monitor in the booth. Many of their comments are regarding that. I was surprised to learn that the ESPN team had Trackman available this weekend. I doubt that happens in other ball parks.

Good umps behind the plate and bad, or pitcher’s umps / hitter’s umps. Part of the game.
Actually I thought the HP Umpire today was better than yesterday, pressure can get to anybody,
including DVH.

I kinda relaxed w anticipation after the walk loaded the bases bringing up Elko, the kid owns him.

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Like Matt said last night the strike zone seemed to get squeezed in later innings after the starters went out. I could see how that would mess with relief pitchers heads. Not getting called the same.

Tygart has to be feeling fantastic with his performance and helping the Hogs win this series over the team 60 miles from his hometown that did not offer him.

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