DVH on leadership

In his presser today said this team has leaders but not a vocal one. What’s amazing to me is Connor Noland at one time aspired to be the starting qb for the razorbacks. Can’t believe he isn’t a vocal leader. Might mean he doesn’t have much confidence in his arm to back that up. I don’t know. Interesting comment by DVH though.

Connor is a hard worker or has been this year. That’s his way of leading. But he is quiet. He does compete hard.

Coach DVH actually ended that question by saying as far as a real vocal leader, that he honestly didn’t think we have one.

Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean vocal.

I think fans are way too prone to overanalyze problems with this team (or with any team in any sport that don’t meet fans’ expectations.) I doubt it’s ever what fans think. And as far as baseball is concerned, I think it’s a much simpler explanation: they’re just not getting the timely hits they got last year & the other teams have played just a bit better when they played us. That happens a lot in baseball. As for pitching: it could be that the arms are tired or for some reason unrelated to talent, preparation, desire, or attitude, they’re just not pitching as well.

It’s not some problem with being too emotional or not emotional enough. It’s not a problem with leadership or lack of it. It’s not a problem with desire or lack of it. It’s not a problem of inadequate talent. It’s just a problem of baseball and us not being so good that we can overcome all of the bad breaks with significantly better talent than our opponents.


Robert Moore was on 103.7 in Little Rock this morning and was asked about this. He said he doesn’t think last year’s team had a leader who was real vocal either.

I think frustration by fans leads to thinking “just try harder! Get some fire in the belly!”

I have said before: baseball is played best when it’s played loose. And I think our guys are too tight.

And baseball in general…
Think about it. Offensively every one player who steps into the box is facing a one on nine situation. First he has to beat a pitcher who is trying to make him NOT hit the ball. Then if he does hit it, there are nine guys trying to get that ball and make an out.

It’s the only sport where you play as a team on defense, but as an individual on offense.


I think @neastarkie kind of nailed it. We are probably just overthinking this.

We’re not as good as we thought we were. Sometimes that’s happens. More often than not, under DVH’s leadership, we have been overachievers.

Thus far we’ve been overrated compared to preseason expectations.

Just parked near Thompson Boling arena in Knoxville for the McCartney concert tonight. The parking attendants are fired up about their baseball team. In my quarter of a century living in TN I’ve never heard anyone fired up about baseball till last year. They need to spend more to improve their facilities. But it’s much improved from a few years ago.

They have a great team and a real good chance to win it all. Of course, we thought that last year and no one thought MSU had any chance at all, but I understand why they are excited. They came out of the gate strong (real strong, winning games by 15-20) and have stayed strong. Unlike some teams, they throw strikes and hit the ball.

DHV would agree with this too. I think in his presser he said it’s been that way since the Carson Shaddy team. I’m making assumptions of course, but it seems like he would like that to some extent. He mentioned it wouldn’t be bad to have someone get in your face from time to time. But he also seemed to indicate the team needed to have some fun and forget about the last month or so, as it’s a new season that starts friday.

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