DVH on Hoover

I think DVH basically said he is looking at Hoover much like a mid-week game. They will practice, work on some things, get some swings, and let guys needing pitching work get it. They will not use up any pitchers. If that is what he meant, I totally agree. We do not want to leave anything there. Important games start the following week. Other than practice, this means nothing. Don’t get hurt. Get back to Fayetteville and get ready to play real baseball.


I think that is the general consensus on this board as well. Rest the key arms, or at least strongly limit their pitch totals. Rest up those players that are fighting slight injuries or are just worn down.


This and the SEC roundball championships are worthless, other than collecting tv revenue for the SEC. Prolly SEC football championship too


With the injury issues we’ve battled all year at all positions, I see no reason to play any of the starting 9 at Hoover. Let the backups get some development time, may need them down the line in the real tournament. It would be unthinkable to lose one of our starters we’ve just gotten back to injury in Hoover.

All the starters will play and get at bats, as will the reserves. Our Pitchers will throw enough to remain sharp and stay in shape.

We don’t want them to go stale.


Yes. Josenberger and Wegner both need all the at bats they can get. Neither are back yet to their pre-injuries level of hitting. We will need both to make it back to the World Series and make a run to the title.


Copy, paste and repeat. Just like you say. If you win fine but don’t get anyone hurt or mess up the pitching for the regional!


Maybe another Peyton hillis will emerge.

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meant Peyton holt…


This right here. We need Josey and Pops to get their timing back.


Exactly. Can’t afford to get stale. DVH knows the proper balance


All the hogs hitters need to stop taking Strike 3!
During this season our hogs have failed to move runners in innings where runners were in first and second with no outs and failed to score! The fly ball or contact has happened after the first out.
Runners in second and third hasn’t been pretty either.
At Vandy in one game it happened twice. Runners on first and second no outs and didn’t score. Those type of situations you need to punch in at least a run or two.

Remember, with our seed, we get a minimum of two games.

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You can bet they’re not intentionally taking strike 3. They must be seeing “ball.” Either that or they’re badly misjudging the pitch’s speed. It’s easy for us to see what they should do, but most SEC pitchers are good. You can also bet our coaches aren’t telling them to take strike 3.


That’s all you need to play. What do you win if you win the whole thing. Sore arms and possible injuries. Get Josey and Wegner to hitting the ball and head home for a regional.
This hope somebody lets these idiot announcers know where they are. They have a love fest with the ducks.

Even my wife knows if you have two strikes and folks on base, you don’t advance the cause towards winning by sight-seeing. Ever heard of “protect the plate”? That phrase is meant to be aggressive on that close call you might have thought was a ball.

You don’t win walking back to the dugout (where the coach and batting coach are) saying to yourself “Durn! I hope nobody noticed I did not lift the bat off my shouilder!”

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Tuschog, I watched future HOFer Mookie Betts get called out for the last out of the game yesterday against the Cardinals.

The batter gets around 400 milliseconds to make the decision whether to swing, and the ball is moving up or down or right or left the whole time.

Hmmm, maybe it is more difficult than it looks from the recliner.


Yep…our hitters did enough and more for the Hogs to win 2 of those games…heck, if you give me 6 runs against vandy pitching I will take that all day long.

So arguably we should have swept based on runs scored.
Our pitching overall was much more the issue.

Sometimes its one, sometimes its the other, very rarely for this team is it both.

and if it’s close to the plate, you protect the plate. A coach doesn’t buy your argument about 0.4 of a second. You are trained what to do. It is generally unacceptable to the coach for the batter to sight-see for a critical third strike.


Again, easier said than done. Sometimes, they just get fooled.