DVH needs to pull these pitchers faster...

When they ain’t got it, they ain’t got it. Don’t sit there and watch AU score.


I think he knew they were all spent & just hoped the one in at the moment could settle in.

It’s on our Friday and Saturday starting pitchers for not getting it done, for a least a few innings.

I always have felt Dave had a quick hook – if he’s got someone else he thinks is going to be able to get it done. Right now, he’s having to recycle them too fast. They need starters to get them five innings. Things aren’t going to work when all of them are done quickly. Pull them quick? It leads to a lot of problems. You hope they settle in. But I don’t worry about Dave not having a quick hook. He does.

Thanks for the insight, Clay. My post was a bit knee jerk. Mostly from frustration.

I think if you ask people who have followed Dave for a long time, they will tell you he’s mostly known for having a quick hook. Throw strikes, or come take a seat.

When it comes to DVH…no questions asked here. Easy to be armchair coach after the fact…not so easy to make the decision during the game…after last year I knew DVH would bounce back BIGLY…best of our Head Coaches.

Exactly. Myself I thought he was a little quick on some changes during the series. Hindsight…he possibly should have stuck with Knight a little longer on Friday just to chew up some innings.

I was curious why he pulled Murphy so quickly (was it a pitch count thing?) and also why he went with Chadwick who had extended work on Saturday and looked spent by the way he finished Saturday…

The unsung hero of this Auburn series for Arkansas was Angus Denton, a lightly used Freshman who ate up several innings for the team during Friday’s route. As battered and bruised as our pitching group is right now after the terrible weekend our starters had, we would be in much worse shape had he not done so. Much better for someone at the end of the bench to absorb those innings than your front-line starter, who you know you are going to be heavily depending on the rest of the season.

Van Horn was quick with Stephan and Alberius because the series was on the line. Knight had a longer leash because he is the team’s best pitcher and he has shown the capability to work out of some jams. That didn’t happen Friday.

Something else to consider: Knight’s pitch count was starting to get up there and was 65 when he was taken out of the game. That doesn’t sound like a lot for a starter, but when you consider that he’s going to throw on Thursday this week, it begins to make a difference. There was no reason to leave him in the game any longer when it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to get his pitches down in the strike zone.

Murphy had thrown 90 pitches four days earlier against Memphis. He threw 51 against Auburn. I would assume that’s pushing his limit, especially when there are several weeks to go.

Another thing that you might not know about Denton (unless you heard Phil’s broadcast) is that this was the first time he had been on the travel roster.