DVH is Great…

Watching that video last night, he’s so good in so many ways. Roster management, ability to pick assistants and keep them, helping kids know when to move on, finding the right “fit” for the team culture he wants, etc. And I also heard in his presser that he’s not done with splashes yet!

I got tickled listening to him talk about the bad timing of the draft…sounds like my long time partner bitching about computers for patient charts and insurance companies—He’s on the edge of wanting to explode about it!

We are lucky to have him as our coach, one who’s a caught pop up from having a Natty in the trophy case!


He seemed refreshed and relaxed with full openness in addressing the media questions. It is a treat when an authority can, and will discuss questions so openly and fully. No sound bites, but competence and knowledge in responding to a range of questions. He is ready for another run, and feels his program, despite the questions only to be answered by “actual performance” in the Fall and the Season. This “presser” is a good one to archive for reference,

The reality is that we easily…easily…could have 2 or 3 National titles during his time here. Some may use that as an indictment of him, but not me. In a game with so many “moving parts” as baseball…not only for your team, but your opponents…once you get into the CWS it’s a crapshoot. We all know what happened in 2018, and we were just as good the next year. Didn’t play play poorly in Omaha, but didn’t play our best and lost two 1 run games. 2012, we were 1 game away from the Championship series when we ran into Perry Costello and his tight strike zone. And last year…clearly the best team in the country, but lost our only series of the season at the wrong time.

To me, where you want to be as a program is where we are now…when you expect to compete for the championship every season. We were there with Football in Frank’s era, got there in Basketball with Eddie and then again with Nolan, and are there now with both DVH and Muss. Coach Pittman is coming on too.

Good time to be a Hog fan.


He’s the best coach ever on campus imo.

JFB and NR were absolutely phenomenal, but DVH has had the baseballers consistently in elite status for a long time with no signs of slowing down.

He’s never done anything to make Hog Baseball fans nothing but proud.

Disclaimer. I forgot John McDonnell but he’s in a league all his own

I have always said you learn more in 10 minutes with Dave than you will in 30 minutes with most coaches. He is direct and to the point, and avoids coach speak.


he also speaks in nonverbal communication with his grins, eye brows etc. It is always fascinating!

Yes, brutally honest without being a prick.

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On the night he was inducted in the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, he told a great story about how he learned to communicate with media. Before the 1987 NCAA regional in Huntsville, Ala., all of the head coaches were asked to participate in a press conference. Dave asked Norm DeBriyn if he could tag along because he wanted to study how Norm conducted himself.


He’s great in one on one without cameras. He will give you the off the record background you need to stay on focus.

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We know we are richly blessed to have this man as our baseball coach. Personification of Leadership.


I think everyone in program learns something from him that helps him in life.


The thing with DVH is consistency, not just year in & out with good teams, but his character when dealing with the press. In the big moments or the low moments, totally under control and direct with answers and explanations.

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