Just watched his presser. That man has the look of determination that he will get us a N.C. before he’s done as head Hog. You can hear it in his voice. He wants it for the state, the former players & his former coach. Our baseball program isn’t going anywhere soon. I hope this finals run helps him recruit better players & get them to campus for three years.

Yes he is and even though we lost this can do nothing but really help our recruiting Because they realize that the University of Arkansas can get the national championship and capable of winning it!

I feel really good about our baseball program as long as he’s at the helm. It’ll be hard to find anyone as good. We learned that too late about Frank Broyles as the football coach.

And more to the point, Nolan as basketball coach. Holtz was fine when he focused on recruiting instead of building the Holtz brand. Stan… not so much.

Swine as usual you are spot on!

What you say is true, but I’m hoping that DVH is building a legacy of coaches that will produce someone to step in and carry the program forward when he does step aside in a decade or so. Who knows - maybe his “mini-me” Shaddy will go into coaching and be ready by the time Van Horn steps aside. Or one of his other ex-players.

But in the short to mid-range term, I’m glad we will have DVH in the dugout. He’s been my favorite/most respected coach on campus for 15 years.

I think you are on to something with “ Coach Shaddy ” plus it has a nice ring to it .