DVH Hiring Press Conference

I just watched this on You Tube.

Fun to go back and watch after all these years.

What a straight shooter that guy is.

And rather ironic that one of the big points was getting the batting cages enclosed. And now we have the palace in right field.


I’ve watched it a few times since DVH was hired and it always brings back memories of where we were and where the program is now. He had a vision and has made it happen!

Many newcomers to the fanbase do not realize all the challenges and changes that have occurred over the past forty years to get the facilities, and support systems that are place in place now… The guy with him that made the move to the SEC has been outstanding as we look back. The University, Northwest Ark. and SEC have both grown up together. Nice to see ones dreams come true. Remarkable how the management of the baseball program has been under few hands compared to football program which was the main focus of fans for so long.

I love at the end where Frank says, “maybe we need Stan (Heath) to come up here and show us how to do it.”

Hard to believe that was just three months after, where in the same room, Nolan went on his infamous tirade that ultimately got him fired.

Noticed on the backdrop at the presser…“Hogwired.com”.(Note that the website of the same name today is totally unrelated)

Anyone else remember that? Was pretty mediocre, to be honest. U of A has it’s act together these days with regard to their website. Not so much back in the day.

I enjoyed Frank’s tribute to Coach Norm. DVH has done great things, but look at all Norm did to get the foundation laid for Dave. When he started, they didn’t have a field. Played at the Fair Grounds I think were not good enough to be playing in the SWC. Look at it now. The baseball program has had two great, great leaders!!


Yes, greatly blessed with their leadership.

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I recall that Jeff and I called it Hogweird … because it was.


Hogweird was below mediocre. It was really bad. It was like somebody finally convinced JFB that we had to have a website, but they put no effort into it whatsoever.

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I watched it again a couple of weeks ago!!

Very entertaining. Kept wishing I had a picture of Baum from that year.

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I was being generous.

Very. I would not be surprised if my scenario was accurate – JFB says “OK, we can have a website because everyone else has one, but we’re not going to spend any money or hire people to run/update it.”

This might be close.


Thanks doctor for posting this. Kinda got emotional hearing Frank, seeing the tribute to Norm and watching the beginning of the DVH run. Wonderful.

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Same here. Huge emphasis placed and it has paid richly.

Always enjoyed visiting with Norm when he was with the Foundation. He was so friendly and funny as well. At the end, I would always ask him a baseball question about the Razorbacks and would learn so much in a sentence or two. You could tell he was proud.


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