DVH extended


This contract begins at $1.25 million per year, which is basically a $50,000 pay raise over his most recent agreement that included money from Easton. It is a six-year extension, assuming he coaches long enough to trigger all of the rollovers.

WOW, 10 year contract. That’s fantastic, considering how great DVH has been. Is this 10 years a record for the U of A for a head coach contract?

Here are details, as well as details on new extensions for Matt Hobbs and Nate Thompson.

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I’m a little surprised to learn that Nate Thompson was making under $200,000 and will just now go over that mark. I don’t really know what the most successful programs pay their assistants in baseball, though.

Honestly still seems a bit low considering how well the baseball program has done on the recruiting trail. He and Hobbs both appear pretty happy to be in Fayetteville.


Wow I really thought he was making more,but nobody deserves an extension more than DVH.

Matt, I’ve seen the incentives in the contract, is there any yearly increase in salary during the contract’s run?

I wonder if DVH will retire at Arkansas?

The salary increases by a minimum of $50,000 each year. It increases by $100,000 in years following a College World Series appearance.

Thank you.

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