DVH and 800

I wrote on Dave Van Horn’s 800th victory at Arkansas last night. A nugget from the article:

Van Horn lost 35 games between his 700th and 800th victories, which is easily the lowest number of losses for every 100 wins during his tenure. That number was affected a little bit by the inability to play conference games in 2020, but mostly I think it is reflective of how the program has continued to get stronger in the wake of the 2016 collapse.

Here are the loss totals for every 100 wins for Arkansas under Van Horn:

1-100: 48
101-200: 60
201-300: 56
301-400: 56
401-500: 65
501-600: 59
601-700: 45
701-800: 35

Might be interesting to see that paired with facility investment / improvement to see if there is any correlation with win/loss improvements.

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It’s a really interesting stat.

It might be nice to include the year he hit each new hundred, just for some perspective.

100: 2005
200: 2007
300: 2010
400: 2012
500: 2015
600: 2018
700: 2020
800: 2023

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The investment really began after his 400th victory. The Fowler Center was opened in 2014-15.

The Hunt Center plans were announced after the 600th.

Arkansas recruited well on the promise of both buildings. Many of the players in the No. 1-ranked class for 2023 committed before the Hunt Center opened.

200-80 record for the last 200 that’s pretty impressive!!

Real impressive. Covid sure slowed the 800th win down! That was the team I thought had a chance to win it all in Omaha.