DVH 16 or 17 years at Arkansas?

Watching the games on espn+, the away game broadcasts say DVH has been at Ark 17 seasons. Watching the home telecasts list DVH at 16 seasons. Which is it?

This is his 17th season. He replaced Norm in 2002 and the 2003 season was his first at UA.

By the way, he’s cruising up on his 1000th win as a head coach at NSU, Nebraska and UA. Tonight will be #997 if we finish it off.

The RSN broadcast has had it wrong all year. I’ve noticed it a couple of times glancing up at the TV in the press box.

The Kentucky broadcast had his bio wrong earlier. It said he was at Arkansas as a GA in 1985-86. It was 1985-88. His first year in Texarkana was 1989.