The numbers weren’t great, 11 carries for 30 yards, but how did he look? I assume he was running behind the 2nd team or even the developmental line. Is he still in our plans or just filling out the depth chart?

I thought he fought hard and ran hard. I didn’t see him get any real creases. He did not go down without a fight. Nothing he did was disapppointing. He ran hard and exploded into the holes. There just wasn’t much for him on any of his carries. Most of it was between the tackles and tough sledding because of the way the defensive line handled the second offensively line.

I see his role as being the “change of pace” guy who will come in the game for a toss sweep, a screen, a reverse, a double pass, etc. There aren’t a lot of carries to go around when Williams, Whaley and Walker are on the roster. All three are better backs.

I would love it if CDE would develop a WildHog package for Duwop (run, pass, option, etc.) … I think we may struggle in the red zone this year - especially early - and having a package where the QB is a legitimate running threat could be helpful. Duwop throws it just well enough to keep the D honest.

Of course, that could also be a role for Rafe P if he gets healthy.


Duwop could run a Wildcat package and throw just enough to be dangerous. But, the one on the team who might do something special out of the Wildcat might be a freshman. Remember, De’Jon Harris, AKA Scoota, did well at that in high school. It may be too early to slide him in there. He’s got his hands full learning the defense. But Scoota is going to get a carry or two before he’s done at Arkansas. (Of course, Kendrick Jackson played some quarterback in high school, too. He’s got some beast-like runs in him, I think, too. And, then there is Jonathan Marshall, the defensive end. He ran some tailback in high school. There are some sleeper running backs on the defense.)

Right now it looks like they have plenty of tailbacks. But you never know. I like the depth there and it’s a long season. All will be needed. Duwop is where he needs to be with this team.

We didn’t get to see T.J. Hammonds yesterday. He tweaked a knee in warmups and was held out of the scrimmage. He’s another one who can be a dangerous change-of-pace guy out of the backfield. So will Jared Cornelius, Keon Hatcher and Cody Hollister. I have this feeling that Hollister is going to be one that surprises all of us with some big plays.