Dusty's Ability To Takeover A Game

Dusty has the ability to takeover a game. Just look back at last year’s SEC Tournament game against Florida. Although we lost, Dusty went for 33 and was almost unstoppable.
This is just a sample of the action.


I hope last night was just a glimpse of things to come.

Dusty never made a 3 last night, but he has really gotten good with the drives and the floaters. I wish we would run more screens for him…like we did for Pat Bradley.

He can’t play a lick of defense, but he is a scorer. He is fun to watch. He has a great sense of humor. Mr. Deadpan.

Call him Dusty the magnificent. Not only for his ability to pick up his game when needed, but for his staying within the team work other times. This year we have more scorers, and Dusty rolls along with the game and does what comes his way. He picks up his game, when other are stale and the game is on the line. This team is going to miss him next year.

Dusty’s help in the trap trap last night caused that final turnover.

So maybe a lick.

I am re-watching the game with no sound as to not be distracted by the commentators and being drawn to what they are commenting on. Dusty plays some darn good defense within the overall scheme. He just cannot stay in front of a cat quick ball handler. We don’t have anyone that has demonstrated that ability.

I specifically watch Dusty on D each game. His D is probably a little under-rated by us fans. Let’s put it this way, above the shoulders, Dusty is a fine defender.

Very well stated. He is almost always in the right position on the floor. Last night he did not give up open looks at the basket.

Dudley, why don’t you guys interview him and put it on this forum? He is a hoot.

I’m one of the guys who hates on Dusty’s defense, but I noticed that too. Think it was perfectly executed and a very intelligent play by the three SR’s. Moses and Dusty for the perfect timed trap, and Manny for guarding the most likely player Kornet was gonna try to get the ball too. Perfect tip toward Barford. Shows CMA has faith in these guys, I was screaming for a foul, didn’t think they’d get the turnover. Great decision by CMA.

I think they do run him off a lot of screens, the screens are just not that great most of the time. On pindowns, defenders are typically able to evade them. On pick-and-rolls, the bigs have a tendency to try to slip the screen/leave early without making solid contact. Pet peeve of mine.

Now, Moses set 2 really big screens in the final 4 minutes to free Dusty for layups.

Bob Holt and him had a funny little back-and-forth about his defense after the Texas game, I think.

Bob was asking about his steal in the game and prefaced the question by saying people say you’re not a great defender.

Dusty: Who says that?

Bob: General consensus.

Dusty: I think that’s a stereotype.

It was a pretty funny exchange.

It is Dusty’s job to use the screens properly and to read the defense. I agree that some screens are not set very well, but the fact remains that the offensive player should use the screen, even it means walking or running his man into one of his teammates that might not be even setting a screen. The key is to read the defender.

I agree that Dusty’s defense is underrated, but in the final minutes, he sure made Vandy’s defense look bad. WPS :smiley: :smiley: