Dustin Thomas

I thought he deserved his own thread, he had a great first game back. He looks like he’s quicker or more athletic than he was last year. He was really getting up high on some of those rebounds and this is the first time I’ve seen him taking his man off the dribble and actually looking to drive. I thought Bailey had the starting 4 spot on lock, but Thomas looks like he’s a hungry 5th year senior right now. Glad he’s back.

Average player st best last year but I see 9 boards today.
Beard looks like a different player. These 2 looking good thus far.

Balanced rebounding tonight; four guys got at least 5 boards and everybody who played got at least 1. And we won the boards 42-35 in spite of all Matt Zimmerman’s complaining.

Average player st best last year but I see 9 boards today.
Beard looks like a different player. These 2 looking good thus far.
[/quote]I thought this was huge. Glad he’s back.

Beard played more minutes than anyone else, had three turnovers, didn’t shoot a great percentage, but hit all his free throws and was a hustler all night. He didn’t shoot well in the preseason games either, so that is a concern, but he did look focused and played good defense. In the past, he tried to keep the ball in the final minute of a half, but tonight, he was quick to share the ball–particularly with Macon, who is deadly from the free throw line and the guy you want to have the ball when leading under a minute.

Dustin played really well, especially since it was his first game. Bailey produced, too. PF is supposed to be the weak link in the chain on this team. In 40 minutes he and Bailey combined for 14 points and 16 boards. If we get that on a regular basis, we are going to be a tough out.

Agreed. And that’s not even including Cook. He was the better defender of the 3 guys last year. If he’s improved as well and demands some playing time. When he gets back, CMA may have those guys just run in waves and press the whole game, give each one of them around 15 MPG, so we always have a fresh guy at the 4 spot.

Another thing to look out for is Darious Hall’s playing time when Cook gets back. From the looks of Dustin Thomas, his ball handling has really improved, he could possibly play a few minutes at the 3 spot with Cook at the 4. Hall has been ok, but right now he’s really anxious when he gets the ball and doesn’t make the best decisions, and doesn’t have any offense at all at this stage.

Our defense seems to get stingy when Hall is on the court, though. I think Hall does enough to get some minutes. It’s just a matter of putting a complementary lineup out there with him.