Dustin Thomas?

Didn’t play again. In trouble? Sick? Coach’s decision?

Curious. I haven’t heard anything about why.

DNP - Coaches decision

Only so many minutes at the 4 between now 4 players. It’s really a crapshoot in terms of what you are going to get from those guys from night to night.

Team looked better with Gabe at the 4 than it had looked with anyone else.


That was the second time in six games he did not play for a “coach’s decision.” It’s even more peculiar given the fact he started at LSU and seemed to play OK - 6 points, 3 rebounds in 20 minutes.

I really think it’s CMA just trying to get his attention. Thomas is currently the best out all the 4’s right now, but he picks and chooses when he wants to actually play, which is probably like one out of every 4 games. Kinda sad he has to do that to a 5th year senior, the urgency level from him should be super high. But, he’s just so nonchalant all the time and just goes throw the motions. I think he just tries to hard to be cool, instead of just going out there and giving 100%. Even though Cook plays bad, you can tell he’s out there trying and giving his all, same thing with Bailey.

Man how painful was that post move by Cook last night? Stumbling, fumbling, bumbling…I know the kid gives effort, but man is he offensively challenged. Might as well give his minutes to Gabe who is an impressive athlete.

Thomas seems to stay in the dog house this year, and I think it is more than just inconsistent play. I suspect that there may be some off-court things in the mix, but MA and staff never talk much about those things until something goes public from another source.

I think if he’s done anything serious he would be gone. Since he’s already been in major trouble and suspended twice. My guess would be the coaches are requiring more effort and energy from him, and he just probably shrugs them off or doesn’t respond the right way, so he gets a DNP. I think if it was anything more than that he’d be gone.

I agree with you, but last time it happened, Thomas showed back up for the next two games. If we can get that Thomas, and Gabe to play at the level he did last night, we may make some noise down the stretch

I think the biggest thing that hurt Cook was missing so many games with that suspension. He also missed a lot of pre-season conditioning and drills the team went through. It’s hard to come back and play at a high level after being away from the team that long, especially when you aren’t given that many minutes in the first place. I had high hopes for him based on the way he played last year, he wasn’t a big scorer but he did a lot of things right on the defensive end, he had quick feet, and he could at least score if left open. This year he’s been noticeably slower, looks like he changed his shot to some tippy toe leaner, and he’s just not played well at all.

My take was the future was on display. Long rangy 3 and 4. Reminiscent of some of CNR’s teams.

It’s past time for Cook to draw a DNP! If someone needs a wake up call he’s your man!

Thomas looks like he has absolutely no fun playing basketball. He rarely smiles or gets excited about anything. His play is very up and down, but always is sprinkled with bad decisions no matter how he is playing.
None of this may reflect how he feels inside. He seems to play hard and is involved, but just does not shoot well enough to be a plus player in my opinion. He would be best in a high/low post kind of offense as be plays well with his back to the board and is quicker than most 4’s. But this offense isn’t that sophisticated to offer that option. With Gafford and Thomas switching high and low with the three guards circling the perimeter looking for cracks in the interior this could be a very effective offense.
I really wish him well, but something is not right there.

this offense is really made for either Thomas, Cook or Bailey? Bailey seems to be the most suited for it, but the lack of a point guard really does not allow for the flow to work it either to him or the bigs where they can operate. Thompson and Macon are the only ones that can pass at a consistently respectable level and neither is on the floor when the game is getting established.
I think Macon should be made the point guard from tip off with Thompson starting at the post and Gafford and Beard coming off the bench. Trey Young is showing a point guard can assist and score and this would serve Macon very well if he is going to make it to the NBA. Macon is the one, Barford the two, Hall the three, Bailey the four and Thompson the five. Beard, Gafford, Jones, Thomas and Gabe come off the bench and Cook if he gets his head straight. Right now the staring lineup and assignments are just not right. This would really require few changes in CMA’s offense, but just clarifies the one, two and five roles in the flow of the offense.
Just my opinion.