Dustin Thomas

Picked a great day to step up his game. Moses the easy MVP but we don’t win without DT’s 10 second half points. Thinking that Thompson and Beard may be playing hurt.


Thomas was an unsung hero. NOBODY would have guessed that. If could get that many points from the 4 position each game, wow.

So proud of him

Sorely needed those points too. 2 of them were legit mid-range jumpers.

Thompson stepping up made up for a slow game from our guards. Big Game Dustin.

I have been on Dustin and Mike Anderson all year for the poor play at the 4 position by Dustin and the poor recruiting by Mike in this area. Today he played like an SEC power forward. He was a huge factor in helping the Hogs win. Congratulations Dustin.

To be fair, Dustin was recruited as a small forward. I recall he was 6-5 when he transferred here. I think Dustin is still learning the 4. He will be much improved next year.

If he can do what he did today everygame next year, we will dance again for sure.

Thanks for the post. Thomas earned his scholie today. JMHO

Great game by Dustin today.

I was just wondering… who has a better vertical leap, Dustin or Dusty?
I think Dusty

No one mentioned his block! That was also huge. We need his production. Rebounds, steals and points.
The whole team needs to play well and make good decisions.

Told my son that I have watched almost every Hog game this year and I have never seen this guy play anywhere like he did today. Must be a late bloomer. But he sure did BLOOM!

I’ve been down on the 4s this year. Kudos to Dustin for his game yesterday. Hope it gives him confidence for the rest of the tournament and next year!

6’7 on the Colorado roster. Listed at 6’8 as a recruit.


Yes, when coming out of high school, he looked like a Wing. However, if you watch any film of Colorado, he’s always been a combo guy. Also, I can think we sometimes need to define what a 4 is in our system - it’s a combo. Our “4” plays on the perimeter a lot. If Dustin could knock the jumper down consistently, I’m sure CMA would play him with two other bigs. He hasn’t been able to do that at CU or here, though. His biggest value is as a rebounder. He’s very instinctive. So, with his size, he fits our scheme and personnel perfectly as a “4” for us.

DT has always had the ability. He’s very talented physically. His issue is mental. The turnovers, badly missed shots and the unbelievable foul rate are results of that. Yesterday, he was in the right place mentally, so he produced.

Dustin Thomas has shown brief flashes a few times but this is the first time all phases of the game came together for him.
Arlando Cook is in the same situation and playing time has keep him from blooming.
These kids have played tight all year at the 4 and we need to all realize they are doing the best they can. We have won 26 games this year and the whole team has chipped in thier individual part for that to happen. " A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link!" It may well be the weak line with our team is the support from the fan base. Too busy worrying about pretty wins
and bashing our coach! We all must be greatful for the hard work Mike Anderson has done with our Hogs! WPS!!!

You caught me on the wrong side of DT evaluation for the second time. First time was about his star rating. My error is that I keep looking at his high school profile as a recruit rather than the one coming out of Colorado.

However, I still say he learning the 4 and will take it to next level next year. Mike sees that in him and he has stayed with him through his and downs. Part of player development.