Dustin thomas with his best game as a Hog

Just outstanding 2nd half. If he can play like this the rest of the year, we should finish well. Leading rebounder with 9, 3 steals, 2 assists, 4-6 FGs for 9 points. We don’t win this game without him.

Agreed. I was just saying that in another thread. He played with confidence this game. That’s the Dustin Thomas, that Nolan Richardson said was his favorite player on the team. I agree with you, if he continues to play like that we’ll be alright. That unit of Kingsley, Thomas, Hannahs, Macon, and Barford play well together. That’s the unit that we started the season with, then CMA switched it up after we got crushed against Minnesota. Hopefully he goes back with it against South Carolina, that’s honestly probably the best unit.

He did play well in the second half making up for the live ball turn over that Led to a dunk in the first half. I want all the hogs to play well.