Dustin Thomas vs. UK

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Dustin Thomas played a huge part in Arkansas jumping out to an 11-0 lead last night. He had five rebounds in the first three minutes and finished with 10, which tied a career high. Went to HoopLens this morning to look for his on/off numbers and they’re about as staggering as I had imagined they’d be.

DT is prone to picking up some really silly, cheap fouls and I completely understand it drives people crazy at times. I thought last night would be a game where his attitude and toughness paid off, and it did until he got into foul trouble and forced Gabe and Darious into the fire. Those two have the potential to be really good, but the drop-off last night was significant. Arkansas’ bench gave it next to nothing last night, and you really see that in these figures.

Is Bailey still recovering from the flu or is he just out of favor with the staff now?

I think he’s over the flu, but I’ve been told he lost like 10-15 pounds. Believe he’s just trying to regain some strength and get back toward game shape before Mike puts him back in the rotation.

That is what I mentioned in the thread I started. DT is hurting us with his silly fouls. He is our best all round 4. A very good jump shooter and rebounder. In fact last night, I thought Gafford got some of those rebounds, maybe because they kind of look alike from a distance and their number on the back of the jersey starts with number 1. But anyway those rebounds were Gafford like.

On Bailey, I heard the same thing on Bailey. Flu just sapped his strength. It’s a nasty bug this year. It can be terrible for young athletes. It uses strong immune systems to destroy the bodies. Not sure that makes sense but that’s the way a doctor explained it. And, there’s hardly anything you can do to stop that. Bailey may be ready to play in another week, but he just has lost a lot of juice, so to speak.

It’s too late for Dustin Thomas to figure out that him fouling 90 feet from the basket gets him splinter time! He is his own worse enemy because he just keeps fouling like crazy! It’s not just him. Macon has fouled 90 foot from the basket with the hogs up late and sent opponents to the charity stripe and there are others. This group of hogs lacks speed! In the old days the hogs had speed and size and a true point guard that could create and dish and drive.

amen on this post. if thomas had stayed in the game we might have won. he is out best all round 4 right now. gabe brings defense and rebounds, but he thinks he is jordan right now at times, lol, (i would too if i were him so i understand). cook brings nothing to the table. bailey, he might not be playing now but when he did, he cannot shoot the jumper that thomas can hit, not as good a free throw shooter, 2 inches shorter, not as good a passer as thomas, so i don’t think Bailey helps much when he comes back unless he gets a bunch of dunks. very limited. hall is still growing into his role. he’s got work to do but has a lot of potential. moreso than bailey.

changed the game when thomas came out and c.j. came in.