Dustin Thomas Dismissed?

According to Bo M.

Welp that isn’t good. He had been playing effective basketball the past 7-10 games.

That kid could never stop doing dumb things on and off the court.

Per CMA not Bo

Bo told me, I presume CMA told Dustin :sunglasses:

He has been a asset down the stretch, but must have been something very serious. I don’t have a clue what happened but I appreciate what seems to be the decisiveness of our head coach. WPS

Don’t have any inside info, but when you are a 5th year senior and you have already been suspended a couple of times, zero tolerance seems like the appropriate strategy.

He was our most effective 4, but we will just need to get some good minutes from Gabe to fill in the gap. Personally, I like the energy we have w Gabe in the game much better than w Cook.

Looks like the off-court stuff finally caught up with him. Remember when he had some DNPs back in early February? Remember the early suspensions?

The timing suggests it was something that might have been a distraction if he’d been around during the tournament, but that could be several things.

I expected this in Feb. I think the chemistry of the team will carry forward just fine.

Sad way to end his career.

Saw his mother on senior night. Dustin lost his sister when she was 13. That is why he wears #13. I started rooting for him when I first found that out. Feel sad for the entire Thomas family. This kid had a perfect game for a solid 4. For a variety of reasons, he never reached his potential.

Time for Arlando to step up and finish his career in a grand way. Opportunity is right there. He can do it.

huge loss he was about the only one that really tried to rebound! and was getting comfortable with his shot…we have nobody that can replace him really…will hurt us big time against the good rebounding teams…not good! not good at all!

One of the board’s least favorite players is now suddenly a big loss? :sunglasses:

No, he just plays the least productive and most inconsistent position. The 4 has been a quandary you must admit mr. Dudley. Not a good way to be remembered for a senior. Especially this time of year. That being said, I hope and pray the young man gets his life in order. He has been our best 4 player the last part of the season

no great loss to me except someone to absorb fouls and make silly plays


no great loss to me except someone to absorb fouls and make silly plays

[/quote]what a disappointing response.

Dudley the truth teller. :sunglasses:

This is really a shame to hear. Seemed like Thomas was just starting to be consistent on the floor and actually becoming a threat on the offensive end. Just seems like he couldn’t stay out of trouble though. I was hoping those DNPs got his attention, but apparently not.

With all that said, this isn’t a huge loss. Bailey, Cook, and Gabe have all had their moments. This could end up being one of those things that seems like bad news at first but actually ends up being a good thing and brings the team closer together.

It doesn’t matter why, it was obvious that coach gave him chance after chance and he couldn’t handle it. Sad timing but hopefully the young guys will step up.

It is always a big loss to lose a starter.

From what has been gathered, DT was cited but not arrested for possession of marijuana in the early hours of Feb. 9. He complied and turned over a small envelope containing a small amount of unburnt marijuana. He played but did not start vs. Vanderbilt on Feb. 10 then started the final six games of the regular season.

Mike Anderson has a press conference tomorrow afternoon.