Dustin Fry and the O-line fun watch

I spent almost all my time with the offensive line watching Dustin Fry coach them. He is clearly a technician.

Just for a quick look at depth, he had them lined up left to right: T Colton Jackson, G Hjalte Froholdt. C Dylan Hays, G Jalen Merrick, T Brian Wallace.

The second group left to right: T Shane Clenin. G Kirby Adcock, C Ty Clary, G Johnny Gibson, T Dalton Wagner.

Clenin and Adcock are protectors on the punt team.

Both Cole Kelley and Daulton had nice starts to practice throwing. Kelley can really hum it. He seems to have more RPMs this spring than last.

Wagner is listed on the roster at 275 lbs. Is that right?

Also, Adcock is listed at 279 lbs.

They look slim. Yes. That appears right. I would imagine the baby fat is gone.

no movement or mention of coach KA an the coaching front that I can get from reading the Athletic. His family structure seems his priority (good on him), so he is in Fayetteville but is he ever around? Twitter shows his Buffalo loyalty and Ragnow love, but any of those other guys bonded to him like Skipper and his crew for Pittman? will Dustin Fry be the man who really pops that talent you just lined up? KA and BB did line em up like that, but never got em to be special. The undertone seems to suggest same guys but could be a dominant group??? or are we one departed C away from greatness?


thanks Clay,I kind of figured we would lean up a lot up front because we are going to running different type plays,this is not a great group but may have better success running because they will only have block 6 guys and will have more seams to run in,I can already see by the type recruits we signed other than Silas that we are going for guys that can move and protect the Passer.I like because we were never ever going to beat Bama at their own game.

Just thought I’d mention, almost no one beats Bama with what ever kind of game is chosen. Wasn’t just our style of play when it concerns Bama.

And the Hogs should have beaten Bama at their own game when they lost 14-13 in 2014.

I did check with Chad Morris on the weights of Wagner and the rest. He confirmed that they leaned up, losing baby fat and will gain back muscle. That’s typical of the young ones. You have to get that body fat down before you begin to add lean muscle. Burlsworth did the same thing. Most come with too much body fat, kind of like me.

Hjalte Froholdt said his weight is pretty much the same as last week. He had gained some the previous winter, but played last year at 310. That’s what he is now.

Who are the GA’s that assist on the oline coaching?(assume we have those in place)

your right we should have beaten Bama in 2014 but if you remember they had about 5 TO’s… to try to ground and pound was never going to work because they recruit better lineman than we do,that’s why we have a better chance with this staff IMO

I agree. But now that Alabama has shifted to a more wide open offense, who knows if the spread will beat them (though they have proven to be vulnerable to it). Will be interesting. Though I like old school the best, I don’t care what the Hogs run just so long as they win.