Duplicate numbers

One issue that can be fixed easily is players with duplicate numbers on the field at the same time…

Don’t have duplicate numbers!
Do we have more than 99 players on the roster?
Seems like an easy fix.

Yes, there are 125 players.

I took a look earlier in the year at 3 teams.

One had 28 different duplicate numbers, one 33 and one 18.

There is no way to field a football team without having duplicate numbers. Typically where it becomes a problem is on special teams, like when there were two No. 1s on the field against Eastern Illinois. I can’t remember seeing two offensive players have the same number like Noland and Stewart yesterday. That is preventable in the preseason.

If you promise numbers in recruiting (and mostly every team does), then you will have duplicate numbers. North Texas got a penalty for duplicate numbers yesterday. It’s a common penalty now.