Is coming back


I like this…hoping for great things for him.


This is a real good lick. I like this guy.


I really like this kid hopefully he will progress enough to really help us next year


One of my all time favorite kids I’ve been blessed to know in this job.


Barry, AB, and Derrian were my favorite kids I met in October…and, of course, Devo.
Definitely guys you can be proud rooting for, but to be honest, I met every kid on this team, and they all were respectful and polite.
I don’t think you will ever see what happened at Bama here.


We met his parents in Maui and they are just as nice as Richard says Barry is.


If Ford, Pinion and Dunning are staying, that is not good news on Devo, They say numbers work out, but they only work out because there is attrition.

Maybe Muss is starting to figure out attrition is what is really hurting him.

Maybe he sees that keeping a few guys together (that he recruited) for a few years might not be a bad thing?

Muss has yet to make a Final Four.
Could it be that to get to the promised land he realized that he might need some continuity?

Just a thought, and while I desperately hope we don’t lose Devo, his stock might be as high as it will ever be…his performance versus KU was awesome.

I just don’t think we will ever see someone play 4 years for Muss.
Still hoping Devo proves me wrong.
I love that kid.


Jeremy I’m like you, that I would love to have Devo stay on. I’m beginning to think he’s probably not going to be staying because we have a true PG coming in, Mark is a 2G who is going to get lots of playing time. I just don’t see him staying for that reason but :crossed_fingers: he does.

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Also of note:

Do you ever sleep Swine?

No he’s not🤦‍♂️.

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That is a pigpen account. At least when I looked at it last is what it said……I honestly thought the Pig Pen was gone.

Yeah there’s talk of that being just someone trying to get attention

I’m thinking Devo thinks he’s ready for the Professional ranks. I also guess the last year may have been more tough on him than fun. I wish him the best; he has been a joy to watch.

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That is a Final Four tease…

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I frequently wake up at 4 a.m. and check my phone, yes.

I wake up at 4 for other reason! :flushed:

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