Dungee, Slocum finding their way in WNBA


Outstanding article. Thanks.

appreciate it

Thanks. I enjoyed that article. I hope they have long term
earning power and are successful in reaching their goals.

Appreciate it. People don’t understand how tough it is in the WNBA.

True. I didn’t even realize there were only 12 WNBA teams until I got into the WNBA draft this year because of Dungee and Slocum. There’s only about 1/3 of the openings as the NBA. And, there’s about as many women college basketball players as there are men.

The quality of play in WNBA has improved five fold in the last few years. I am really hoping the sport gets more exposure from TV,

I think WNBA season needs to be at the same time NBA and college basketball is played out and basketball is on everyone’s mind. I think WNBA season gets lost during the summer. Any thoughts?

In addition, all 12 teams don’t have 12 players (full roster) because of contract stuff. Some only have 11. So do the math, it’s less than 144 spots.

And that’s compared to the NBA’s 450 spots!

WNBA players aren’t making megamoney either; Chelsea is making $67,000 in Dallas, which isn’t bad for a first job out of college but is only a small fraction of what her friend Moses Moody will make in San Francisco. Destiny is making $61,000. The top players have to go overseas in the winter to make some decent cash, and I see Chelsea and Destiny are both headed for Turkey

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