Dungee invited to USA Basketball Pan Am Games Team Trials

I reached out to Mike Neighbors earlier to ask about Chelsea Dungee being invited to participate in the Pan Am Games Team Trials next month. I’m talking to Chelsea at 4 p.m. Neighbors wasn’t available for an interview but passed this along:

“When your uniform is red, white and blue and has an American Flag on it, you should be proud, and we are all proud of and for Chelsea. … We are all going to do everything we can to make sure Chelsea is prepared to represent the United States in the Pan Am games in May.”

I’ll have more today after talking with Chelsea.

The story after speaking with Neighbors and Dungee this evening: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … or-dungee/

Just to follow up on this, Dungee did not make the team, according to usab.com. Regardless, good experience for her and potentially a motivator heading into 2019-20.