Dumping Both Long and CBB=Disaster

This sounds like a recipe for disaster. It is one thing for a non-winning coach to be let go after a very disappointing season. Then for a nationally respected man like Jeff Long to be treated this way could make our university radioactive for a long period of time.
We are living in reactionary times and nothing good ever comes of it. With all the rest of our programs appearing to be in good shape this is a time for careful consideration before moves are made, not knee-jerk reactions based on a small group of people with agendas.
For those of you that think CBB has made the HC position an unattractive one that no good coach would take, what do you think it will be like if Long is unceremoniously dumped by a backroom deal involving the Board and money people?
Both of these men are HIGHLY respected nationally in their industries. You are darned right if you think that the finger will be pointed straight at the University of Arkansas and then it will indeed become a very unattractive position that no one good will want.
That is how it looks to me anyway.

Completely agree!


Totally agree!

100% agree. It is unreal folks think this is good. Even a friend of mine that sounds just like any guy that calls into the radio shows thinks this is a bad move.

They best have the next AD on at least a verbal agreement. Not having an AD will make it next to impossible to hire the next coach.

Wait and see who we Hire… And what the reasons for them being let go.

It’s a bad decision unless there is cause. Right now, all we have is rumor and innuendo. I hope cause will come out in an official release or press conference which justifies the termination. Otherwise, it is a disaster per OP.

Unless we have an AD hired and waiting in the wings, I suspect Coach B will get another year. I’m fine with that- Long needed to go- burned too many bridges with too many Arkies- not just the high rollers either.

There are a number of rumors out there on the financial aspect which Long was in charge of. Have no clue if true or not but apparently with lack of success in football they had had enough

The only certainty at this time is Jeff Long is out.

Lots of uncertainty

Will be even worse if the same high hogs in that backroom cut loose CBB immediately after JL.
What a way to welcome the next AD & HC with very little sense of security!!!

Would this have happened this way if JFB were still alive? I find the timing just ???

If I were gambling on if Bielema is going to be fired, I’d be all in on Bielema being fired.
I’m actually a little surprised Long was fired. Only thought that might occur if he refused to fire Bielema, maybe he did. Since Long has been fired, if I was gambling, I’d bet a considerable amount that Gus will be the next coach at Arkansas. I wouldn’t go all in on that, but I’d be willing to put a lot on it.

Change of direction can be good for the program

I am very concerned about the university image in this action. Firing Long is going to raise flags, and CBB is going to raise even more flags. Something smells in all of this. The money guys that go to Ronnie Floyd’s church are big Gus supporters that Long pushed back against. I would not be surprised that they pushed for CBB to be fired and Gus to be pursued BUT Long resisted the GOBN one too many times. Get rid of Long so they can bring in their Gus.

Nolan Richardson to Stan Heath to Dana Altman to John Pelphrey. Phil Fulmer to Lane Kiffin to Butch Jones to ??? Change in direction can be a long walk in the wilderness too.

Not a disaster. This is the way it works these days. If football program suffers the AD goes and new AD gets to make the new hire.

You forgot about Dooley at Tenner.

Also over the cliff is a direction, 25.

Things always leak out after a firing like this.

I would guess that Gus to Arkansas is a done deal.