Dumbest 4th down call...

Thats why we need to go in a different direction…

It’s strange… State very inconsistent moving the football. Why not pin them deep and roll the dice in OT?

Because our defense never gets the stop in that spot and he was playing to win–something he’s routinely criticized for not doing.

Call is sound. I just left stadium. If receiver keeps running it is six points or a pass interference call. Playing to win.

Yeah, but the play selection was terrible.

The ball was at midfield - pin them deep and its a long road to go for them. I’d think differently if State has been up and down the field all day. I’d also think differently if they were already out of bowl contention… what is there to lose? In this case there was the possibility of bowl eligibility on the line.

Thought it was a strange call.

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve agreed with anything you’ve posted, but this is spot on. Generally a BB supporter, but going for that 4th down was a stupid call.

I agree. Bad play call–particularly throwing to Pettway who quit on the play has hebhas several times this year.

But, the actual decision to go for it wasn’t a bad decision.

The same people who are griping about it would have destroyed him if he had punted and MSU marched down the field just as they did after the incompletion with ease.

They’ll come back and lie and say they wouldn’t have, but it’s a lie. They would have killed him.

I wanted him to go for it. Play to win. He did the same thing up a score and his 5th year senior put the ball on the ground rather than slide.

Whatever. It’s over. He’s gonna be fired and has earned it. But the complaining about literally everything he does is childish.

I think the defense was a concern. They had spent most of the second half on the field. As a result they had acquired a number of injuries and were worn down.

When your kids are playing there asses off and you go for it on fourth down in your own tells me all I want to know about this coach. I would fire his ass tonight.

Had bigger issue with 3rd down call. Nance in wildcat…empty backfield…ummm… MSU bring everybody in the box becuase its a run…they were having some success running the counter trap or maybe some sort of bootleg with AA

4th down…thought he should have punted and make them go the length of field…but in going for it I had no issue with play call…“we didn’t come here to paint”

Going for it right there was a terrible decision.

Coaches who are playing to win and get to a bowl game make the high percentage call. You have to put it in context of the game — and right there, you punt them deep, hold them or hold them to just one first down, get the ball back and try to score – or go to over time.

If you go for it on 4th and 2 there, very low percentage shot there of not just making first down but of winning the freaking game. Don’t make the first down, and you are basically giving State the game. Don’t make the first down, and overtime is not going to be an option.

The game is tied!!! You don’t play odds less than the roulette wheel right there – not if you want to win the game – not if you believe your team can actually win the game.

So disappointing.

I don’t criticize coaching calls.

I have backed BB to the bitter end.

But the end came when Coastal Carolina came to town.

It’s over. Time to git and time for the Hogs to move on. 11-28 SEC record – that call today at the end of the game is but one of many reasons why.


Even the commentators and announcers commented about the stupidity of going for it there – and the actual play call.

I agree and still thought Nance had it for a second. Looked like a possible horse collar. No idea why they would put their careers in the hands of a guy with 6 career catches. He quit on the play.

Only thing dumber was the 3rd down call right before.

nothing wrong with going for it on fourth down trying to complete a long pass was not to bright when a pass 10 to 15 yards to get first down runs and short passes would get us in to scorring position or kick field goal that way miss state would not have very much time to score

We don’t need one more game with this loser, BB needs to go home tonight and start packing, good riddance.

Then you design it for a guy that has been inconsistent all year and maybe have caught 3 balls all year… That was dumb on top of dumb…

You put a receiver at qb and run the ball with him , that was almost dumber than the steamboat package with a 5’11 200lb QB…

3 OL essentially touched no one on the Storey play. Michael Vick wouldn’t have gotten a yard on it.

I understand disagreeing with the call. After all, it didn’t work & we lost. I’m glad we went for it. With MSU stacking the box, I have no problem with throwing a pass, but that’s just me. I’m not a coach. Besides, no one knows exactly what to do in those situations. No one except fans, of course. They always know what should’ve been done.

But the call isn’t the reason for my response to your post. I’m just disgusted with people who have to do such childish crap as call him a “loser” or other disparaging names. By now we all know he’s going to be fired. You’ve gotten your wish—or will as soon as the Missouri game is over. But rather than “win” graciously, you have to show your a**. Maybe we’ll win next week, but more likely we won’t. Regardless, I want the man to coach the last game. I want him to greet the seniors on Senior day. I want the seniors, all of whom appear to love him, to hug him goodbye. I want them to have one last chance to win for him because he’s a good man who cares about them. It’s silly to think we’ll be one bit better if he’s not on the sideline Friday.

But you juvenile name callers don’t want that. Not because one more game will be better or worse for the program. You want it just because you want him to feel some pain. You and about 4-5 other posters on this board disgust me—not for wanting a coaching change, but for the way you talk & act.