Dumb Question

Are coaches prohibited from giving any gifts whatsoever to recruits? Such as a Razorback coat or jacket? A boy is wearing a really nice Razorback jacket at my son’s school and claims coach Morris gave it to him and has asked him to walk on for Hogs. I told my son I think that is BS becuse I thnik coaches are prohibited from giving anything to recruits? What is the rule?

You’re correct. It’s BS. Or it had better be. That would be an “extra benefit” and them ain’t legal.

I’m reminded of the offensive lineman in Nevada a few years back who put on a big production of “committing” to play for Cal-Berkeley. Had a news conference, etc. Only problem was, Cal wasn’t recruiting him. And it would have been a waste of time if they had; he wasn’t going to be eligible for D-I under any circumstances, since he took a rather lackadaisical approach to his academics. He did get some recruiting letters, went to camp at Oregon, took an unofficial visit to Washington, but he never even registered with the NCAA clearinghouse because he knew his grades sucked. Nobody picked up on the deception, his coaches, his parents, nobody.