Dumb question for construction people/engineers

I feel stupid for asking this, but I honestly don’t know the answer.

Viewing the construction cameras in RRS, I notice this big-a** mobile crane on tracks. It’s inside the stadium. I know the stadium is enclosed except for a couple of fairly narrow tunnels in the SW & SE corners. How they gonna get that S.O.B. out?

Noticed the same thing. Maybe they can disassemble and take out with another crain?

Should be crane, don’t want to get bashed.

The boom is made up of sections. They will lay the boom down and use smaller cranes to disassemble the boom, load it onto trucks (several) and transport it to the next job. Happens all the time.

I was pretty sure it would be disassembled to some extent, but the mobile base & tracks seems like a very big piece of machinery. How much disassembly will they do to get it onto trucks big enough to haul it & small enough to get into & out of the stadium?

(Yeah, I know it happens all the time, but bear with me. I’d like to know how they go about it.)

tracks will come off, cab and turntable will be reduced. All the counterweights on the back will come off. It is made to move. Biggest crane i used had 800 tons capacity on a 600 ft. stick. Took 2 months to assemble and almost that long to disassemble.

I didn’t know the answer but I was taught and early age that what goes up will come down. Ha! And, so it is with cranes, too, right?

They probably had to bring in through the south end tunnels to get it in; same way to get it out. Only other option would have been steep dirt ramps at the north end before the framework started going up.

I knew the answer had to be simple, but I wanted to hear from someone who knew. Thanks for stepping up to the plate & answering. (And thank you, too, for not snickering. At least for not doing it on the board. If you want to behind my back, I’ll understand.)

Are they going to put a new surface on the field this summer?

The same way they brought it in, on trucks. They are currently finishing up dismantling the large crane that was on the outside, it may all be gone by now.

They break down to pretty small pieces. The heaviest are the counterweights on the back. Once they are off, the tracks retract in on the sides until they’re not any wider than the cab. Had a boss one time that didn’t believe much in OSHA. Had to lay down on the ground with my arm and shoulder underneath a 100 ton counterweight holding bolts up from the bottom to attach it to the back of the cab. That will make your you know what pucker.

Haul it in piece by piece. In my younger O&G days we would move a drilling rig, equipment & supplies to jungle rig sites by helicopter then assemble and drill a 16,000 ft well. This crane move will be a piece of cake.