Duking it out

When I went to my hometown, Pine Bluff years ago, to see my beloved Hogs beat the undefeated and #1 ranked Tar Heels and Michael Jordan, I came back to Chapel Hill humble, not gloating, but still for that moment the least popular guy in the office. One epic Scotty Thurman shot in
Charlotte and all was forgiven.

I will love the Razorbacks win or lose, but please, Razorbacks, as my toilet paper roll upstairs pleads, wipe out the Dookies, and send Coach K packing, mainly for yourselves and your many fans (which will increase in number against the Blue Devils), but also because I will be so popular around here I could run for the Mayor of Chapel Hill and win in a landslide.


You realize if we both win we play UNC in New Orleans, right?

I do. I can deal with that. At one time I had seen every UNC-Arkansas game ever played. In Greensboro, in Pine Bluff, in Alaska, in Dallas, etc. Saw us beat UNC in the NCAA Semifinals in Seattle. Rooting for the Hogs all the way, but tough when I started to get excited and clap for a great UNC play before I came to my senses and realized who they were playing against.

Btw, got to Seattle by putting me and my wife on a UNC charter flight. She wore a UNC sweatshirt that said on the back “I’m Married to a Hog” and I wore an Arkansas one that said “I’m Married to a Heel”. After we beat UNC in the Semifinal game, my wife and I both wore Arkansas shirts for the National Championship game. When we were at the airport after the loss to UCLA wearing the shirts, a big UNC booster came up to my wife, asked her why she was wearing the shirt of the team that beat his beloved team, she said once UNC was out she was rooting for Arkansas all the way. His response? “I’ll
pray for you”.

When we got back home, our friend, who is a big Dook fan but otherwise had many fine qualities, thanked the Hogs for losing, he wanted Dook to have the distinction of being the only post-UCLA team to have consecutive titles :cry:.

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I’m a fellow Pine Bluff native who attended the big win against the #1 Tar Heels. My company was a sponsor for the NASCAR team Brad Daugherty co-owns. We talked a lot about that game over the years. He’s a good guy and always talks highly of Joe Kline and other Hogs. If we beat Dook I’ll probably call him to accept his thanks. He highly dislikes Dook. Surprise.

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If we win tonight, I’m going to be St. Peter’s biggest fan tomorrow and try to prevent that match-up from happening.

I just don’t want to see a Duke-UNC final. One, that would mean Arkansas lost. Two, my son lives in Durham and we live in Chapel Hill. I like both places. If Duke won, G-d forbid, not only would their fans be even more impossible to live with, if that’s possible, Durham would be destroyed by the celebration. If UNC won, fantastic, but Chapel Hill would face the onslaught. I have a sweatshirt that says “Basketball is Life”. But it’s not THAT important. Wait, if we beat Dook tonight, scratch that.

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