Duke's 2023 Recruiting Class

Not only did Duke sign their own three 5-stars this year in edging us for the #1 recruiting class, but yesterday they received a commitment from another 5-star player for 2023.

That gives them FIVE 5-stars in the 2023 class.

Coach K may be gone, but I have a hard time thinking that Duke is going to fade into the pack like I’ve heard some Hoops fans say. We’ll see if the new coach can fit it all together, but he’s got a lot to work with.

Probably the 2 best back to back recruiting classes in modern hoops history

It would be hard to believe that the new coach will come in and be a better coach than Coach K has been in his career. But I also never thought CSP could come and have the accomplishments that he has made, you never know about a coach until he takes a hold of the reins and starts making the tough decisions of guiding a program forward. WPS

Just glad it’s not Kentucky.


New coach isn’t just coming in. Been an assistant for Coach K since 2014. Also a former AA at Duke.
I think he’s been well groomed to take over. Obviously one of the best recruiters in the business.

Follow the lead of UNC I guess. Worked out for them.

We’ll time will tell how good he is when the ultimate decisions are his to make, you know there have been a bunch of can’t miss coaches that missed by a mile. I’m not saying this guy will but he’s yet to prove himself as the head coach at Duke and how well he does coaching will immediately have a direct correlation to how well he recruits from here on. WPS

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I wonder how much the NIL affect has improved their recruiting? Zion was paid at least $150K.
UA…Campus of Champions

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