Duke women shut down their season completely

Had already had three games postponed because of quarantines.

Don’t mean to sound snarky, but I guess Kara Lawson can now spend more time on her “duties” as a UT trustee and a member of that board’s athletic committee. SMH.

All for Coach K’s ultimate goal.

This is completely nonsensical, from a medical standpoint. I think that it is very easy to demonstrate that college athletes are far less likely to have Covid when they are “on the team, with their coaches”, vs in the wilds of colleges without that supervision.

I think that this simply allows some people to “feel superior” to other people. Not that Dukies need any help with that.



The kids in this don’t know what to expect day to day. They are tired of being flexible and so are the coaches. I expect more of this.

I do too which is why I posted it. It only made sense that an indoor sport was going to have issues coupled with the expected (and materializing) fall/winter surge in cases.

Your first sentence summarizes much of 2020. How many times have you seen a reporter on video with a mask, in front of a background of an empty arena or stadium? :roll_eyes:


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