Duke will be back soon...

I read in the Demozette today that Duke and Coach K had four 5 star players coming in for next season. That’s right four. Crazy.

When was the last 5 star player we had? Corliss? I don’t know cause I don’t follow basketball recruiting because it’s so dirty, but Dudley or anybody? BJ Young, maybe…

I don’t believe there is a one-and-done in the FF this season.

Bobby Portis was our last 5 star player.

Duke has always had bunch of 5 star players that were McAAs. Nothing new there on that point. What is new here is that Duke is now getting one and dones that Cal used to get.

seems that I remember some said that Duke had 3 of the top 5 players committed.

According to both 247 and ESPN they have RJ Barrett (#1 on both), Cam Reddish (#2 247, #3 ESPN) and Zion Williams (#3 247, #2 ESPN). Also, Bagley said he’s not ready to make his decision about leaving yet. He may stay. That’s a scary thought. They also have the #9 on 247, Tre Jones (#11 ESPN). Pretty solid class

I didn’t know Bobby was a 5 star…He lived up to the billing. He is improving and has a really good future somewhere in the NBA.