Duke out of ACC tourney

After someone in the program tested positive. I suspect the Louisville players are rather nervous after yesterday’s game, although UL’s season might just be over.

Duke was next four out on Lunardi even after beating Louisville, so this ain’t gonna help.

I have a feeling we’re not going to get through 67 games in the Dance without this happening a couple of times. Although the NCAA says you can play if you have five available players.

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Still the cynic, but as I think was said in a children’s story, “things just get curiousier and curiousier”!

This is just another way for your season to end. I wonder what or how J. Williams can rejoin the team if he isn’t there already?

When you get within sniffing distance of the bubble, then get knocked out by testing, I would have to say that, yes, they actually got knocked out. You’re not gonna punt in a situation where you have to post another win or two to make the Dance. A&M? Maybe a punt, although they did come back and play (and lose) three games.

I have no direct knowledge, but I would not be surprised if he’s there. If not, and he’s been doing the testing and getting the medical clearance, no reason why he can’t join the team today or tomorrow or even Saturday.

Seriously, I can’t see how this won’t snowball all the way up to the final four. One player in one program, at one conference tourney site with numerous teams heading to Indy, where 64 other teams are headed in less than 2 weeks, all still hoping to be playing there a month from now… we’ll see I guess

The NCAA isn’t gonna toss teams for one positive test. If you have five healthy players, you can play (or are forced to play). Each player is really going to be quarantined the whole time they’re there; one player per hotel room, meals in your room for the most part, etc. There’s gonna be a lot of boredom there (and people may sneak out because of that boredom).

My only thought is “When Duke loses, America wins”.

It sounds like a legit quarantine, but Coach K kind of brought the suspicion on himself after whining about playing at all in December, and the fact Duke has been a very average team for most of the year.

Didn’t the NCAA put out any team suppose to go to the dance would stay at conference tournament locations and go straight to Indy?

It’s definitely a win when Duke goes home to watch the dance on TV!!!
Next up I hope MooU holds on to their lead and sends Kentucky home packing. Now I turn in over and Kentucky has a 1 point lead.


Yup. If Florida loses today, for instance, they’ll stay in Nashville until Monday.

Duke hasn’t missed the tournament since 1995, the year after we beat them in Charlotte (that was also a weird season; Coach K needed midseason surgery and missed a bunch of games). I’m sure they really wanted to maintain that streak.

A week ago, Coach K: “Hey walk-on, run downtown and lick doorhandles all afternoon.”

To Dudley and Clay

If the Duke or Kentucky coach were to go three years with winning only slightly above .500
would they be fired?

Coach K has reached the “ain’t gonna be fired” stage. He’s been at Duke for 41 years, 5 NCs, 12 Final Fours, etc., etc., etc. And he’s had a couple of bad teams along the way, but not many; they’ve won 78.4 percent of their games over 41 years. He’s also 74 years old. If they wanted him gone, they’d just suggest he retire.

Calipari? I wouldn’t be surprised if they fired him now. They don’t tolerate 9-16. His winning percentage at UK is even higher than K’s at Duke, although only 12 seasons instead of 41. But only 1 NC and 2 FFs. Those people in Kentucky are crazy. And they would have to be, because his buyout is $60 million.

Your right about Duke. Just say any blue blood school would they tolerate three seasons of about .500 and not fire the coach

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